Memos to Ourselves

Monday, June 28, 2004

An introduction.

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Hello, and welcome, to Memos to Ourselves. Pull up a chair, sit down, stay a while. This is an audioblog for the world. All you need to do is call the official Audioblogger number, 661-716-BLOG (program it into your cel!), enter the "primary Number" of 123-456-7890, the PIN of 9876, and record whatever you like! Identify yourself, or remain anonymous. Read a page from your favorite novel! Play your bands demo! Scream to the universe about how much you hate your coworkers! Proclaim your love for that special someone! Give the world a piece of advice. This is a place for aural ephemera. For cast off thoughts, and premeditated acts of sonic strangeness. This is a place for you to speak. Think of it as the worlds largest in progress audiocollage waiting to happen. So, what are you waiting for?Pick up the phone, and say hello!


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